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About Us

Infiltrate, LLC. is what you can consider an inventive development firm that thrives off unprecedented concepts. We have modernized our ground breaking approach at Web Development, one of our many specialities. We offer our clients Brand Recognition and Security Consulting as well. From start to finish, we give our clients a solid, forward moving relationship that builds and matures as time goes on. Our services grow and evolve with our clients needs; going beyond your expectations. Our trend-setting ideas and concepts will slam the door on the competition.

Our Services


We specialize in custom solutions. We can develop anything you need from mobile applications to high frequency data analysing software. Tell us your needs and we will hand-craft you the best tools necessary to accomplish them.


Our team has 8+ Years in internet marketing we have experience in all fields needed to make sure your Brand is recognized Worldwide or Locally.


We like to develop and market but we love Security. Our IT team consists of security researchers that have found and helped patch critical vulnerabilities in multi billion dollar corporations. So you can rest assured that your sites security standards will always be made a priority.

Our Team

James Black image

James Black

IT Manager/Developer

In his youth James gained Nation wide media for penetrating the largest ISP in the US. Now he offers his unique ability to not only find exploits but prevent them from ever happening.

Chris Emerson image

Chris Emerson

Lead Developer

Chris can code anything, even in his sleep. He has been programming since the age of 14 and is self taught. There is no such thing as an obstacle for him. His kryptonite however, is an expensive steak.

Ashorina Black image

Drew Garrity


"Boats & Code."

Client Responses

These guys are great not only did they complete the project in less than half the time our previous developers did. They did everything 100 times better!


My first experience ever being completely satisfied with the outcome of a development project. These guys don't cut corners and they have a dedication to this that makes me confident we'll never need to look for another development team again.


I got an amazing modern web design with an incredible turn around time. Great service and great customer support.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to reach out via any of the means below to request services or just to say hello!